Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dogs, Cakes, Paintings, & Snooki's Ass.

 This is Kookla & Maddie. The doggies of the house.

After a few late nights in the kitchen + one all nighter... Here's the cake I baked. It was freakin' huge. Seriously. I used about 53 cups of cake batter & 30 cups of frosting. Holy cow, right?! It's not as nice looking as I had hoped but it's not bad for my first time making a cake more than two tiers. Big thanks to my boyfriend. I couldn't have done it without him.

So after the whole cake phase I just wanted to paint something other than my nails because I did a Seahawks mani but we lost so it was kind of sad. We stopped by Jo-ann Fabrics before church because I wanted to browse. After church, while Travis was setting up him home studio, I painted him some "artwork" to hang up. If you ever played Cut the Rope on an iPhone maybe you'd get some of the random images.. haahah. I'm not completely weird.

WTF, Snooki. You can't feel the Jersey Shore breeze?

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