Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This is making me laugh so hard right now!!!!!

I just watched Harry Potter 7.5 with my awesome blossom boyfriend. I was tense the whole movie! It can't wait until Part 2. Some parts I had to insert my own commentary to make more realistic/believable. hehehehe. Nahahaaha. kldsfjsdl.

On to the one of the funniest videos!

It's vaseline! Hahahaha.
I'd be so excited to get something from Tyra...
...but once I realize it's just VASELINE I'd totally be like WTF! 0__o
I don't care if it's encrusted in Swarovski crystals and worth $100.
Puahahah. This makes me laugh like a mad man =D

TRY THIS: I read a comment off the you tube page that said to keep clicking at 1:04 as it plays. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAA! I was dying. kjfklajklfd.. LOL.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cabin Fever

Sick days + Snow day = Cabin Fever
I need to get out of this house before I go nuts.
I hope the snow is gone by tomorrow.
boo boo be doop.

I've found some pretty interesting and amusing things on Youtube :D This clip is my most recent favorite find.

I can't wait to get out and walk around the grocery store or something...

I love the Food Network.

Seriously, I could watch it for hours at a time.

Paula Deen is probably my favorite Food Network Host. She has a fun personality. Who elso would say..

“You know, he’s my puppet master. He sticks his hand up my bleep and makes my mouth move.”

source: http://foodnetworkhumor.com/2010/11/5-best-quotes-from-paula-deens-interview-with-the-oc-register/

I like watching Sandra Lee because she's an hilarious alcoholic. Rachel Ray because she's such a dork. Guy Fieri because he's so chill. &&&& Alton Brown (my fav) because he is so educational.

I'm kind of still sick but was going to go to work anyways. Now I'm not going in today because of the snow. I hope people love the IOU's I'm going to give out for Christmas.

lol. Happy Monday.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

More clips from Easy A

I want to watch this movie again. In no ways was it a blockbuster hit. I just really like Emma Stone.

Sick Saturday.

I'm still sick & still watching videos on Youtube.

This is a clip from the movie Easy A
It's that movie where Emma Stone's character lies about losing her Virginity.
Emma Stone is adorable!
I got a pocket full, a pocket full of sunshine...

I asked my boyfriend to buy me cold medicine yesterday.
He got me Nyquil & Dayquil but for cough only.
I have much more than just a cough though.
What I need is some extra heavy duty medicine.
The kind that is kept behind the counter.
Away from the meth heads.
I really do appreciate his efforts, though.
I told him that when we get married and have kids...
...he's not allowed to give our children medine.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Experimenting with making my own decals.

Only having one full-time job + not being in school + not having kids + not being married + not wanting to go out because it's freaking cold = an enjoyable amount of leisure time. I usually spend it with my boyfriend, watching netflix, painting my nails, or reading books :)

Sidenote: I just read Star Island by Carl Hiassen... I don't recommend it at all.. except for the first few pages. It was a very Perez Hilton type book about Hollywood celebrity druggies. I thought It would be somewhat interesting. But it was just dumb and the writing style was awkward. AND the author usually writes children books. wth.

Onto my decal experiment...

I read online on how to make your own decals. 
You just paint onto a plastic baggie.
Let it dry.
Peel it off.
Place on nail.
Top coat.
 Peeling it off the bag was the most difficult part. 
I ruined a lot of little cuppy cakes and ice cream cones.
 Oooh. Ahhhh.
VoilĂ !

My current mani. 
OPI Obsurity (black matte) w/ Seche Vite. 
Scotch tape does great things :)

What kind of tree are we getting this year?

 I can't believe that the holidays are already here. The year went by too fast. Gaaaash. 
My mom showed me this ad. I want the palm Christmas tree & she wants the white one.

Sick Day

My sinuses are clogged & painful. My nose is runny. It's hard to breathe through my nose so I breathe through my mouth and that results in making my throat dry and itchy. Cough. cough. Being sick is not fun.

Sidenote: Saying "nose" while sick reminds me of when I took Geometry in 8th Grade. When we were studying nodes it always reminded me of the way a person with a clogged nose said 'nose'. Nose, nodes, nose, nodes. A node is a point. You have a point on your nodes. blah blah blah.

When there's nothing better to do, Youtube always helps out. I love how you can totally find the most entertaining things on that site. I love the food network. I like watching Semi homemade with Sandra Lee. This video is funny. Start at 0:34 if you don't want to waste *too* much of your time =D

But this video is even funnier!

Seriously?! What is that? Hahahah.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My resolution turned into an obsession.

I was just messing around with nail designs. Would I put these on my real nails? From Left to Right: Yes, yes, hell no, sure, maybe if it were in different colors, maybe, yes, yes, & already have.

My nail polish/nail art obsession didn't really start until a few months ago. Here's how my story goes...

Other than a mini obsession w/ nail polish in elementary school I didn't really care for manicures until my sophomore year in college. I blame my "obsession" on the lack of parking available in the University District.

Here's how it started...
1) I lived next to a pay lot where parking happen to be validated if you go to certain shops.
2) Sometimes I would park in that pay lot without paying b/c you could get away with it from time to time.
3) If I got a ticket I could pay the fine of $11 or get a manicure for $10 w/ free validation for parking.

So, of course, I would get a manicure.. which lead to getting many manicures.

Life went on. blah blah blah.

Then for my 2010 New Years' resolution I told myself I would stop going to the nail salon. It's the only resolution I've ever kept.

I turned to Youtube to learn the basics of painting nails. Then I just kept watching more and more videos. Then I started doing nail art... started stamping.. started reading nail blogs.. sometimes I paint on nail wheels because I don't want to redo my nails.. basically, nails are always on my mind...

That's my nail polish story. The end.

One last thing, I kind of want this. Flats in a wristlet. Perfect for future Vegas trips =D

  I wish there was sometime more exciting to blog about. What a boring week so far. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Visiting Sunny California :)

Hello Sunshine! I'm loving the 80° weather. I'm pretty sure I was made to live in Socal. The weather, the food, the shopping areas, EVERYTHING. I came down here because New Heights, the band my boyfriend is in, opened up for the David Crowder Band. Don't know who that is? It's ok.. I didn't either until Travis told me who they were. Watch this video. It's one of the most creative & breath-taking videos I've ever seen. It's not computer generated and over 700,000 lite-brite pegs were used.

 I flew in Friday morning & first things first. In n' out. Yummm. Nom nom nom.
Dick's Drive-In > In n' Out.

 Before the show, Travis and I went to Laguna Beach. It was beautiful.

That place was gorgeous. Everyone and their dog was at the beach. We even saw dolphins just off the shore. It was so cool! I've never seen dolphins outside of captivity so that pretty much made me day.

Irvine is a great city. Very clean. The church that the show was held at was HUGE. It reminded me of a community college. multiple buildings, outdoor courtyard, & an amazing sanctuary.  The church was nice but the people were nice. The volunteers were so hospitable. Not like the usual commercialized hospitality you see while traveling. I mean real, genuine hospitality.  I couldn't thank them enough. I wish I had more pictures during the night but I don't =(
Here's the guys sound checking.

Saturday we wake up and eat breakfast/lunch. Chick-fil-A. Yum-o in my tum-o. I haven't had this stuff since last summer in Orlando. I love it how they let you put the sauce you want on your sandwich.

Our destination for the night was Redding, CA. I really wanted to stop by San Francisco but it didn't  fit in our schedule. We stopped by Santa Monica instead. That place was fun. We walked around the Third Street Promenade, hit up some stores, watched street performers, then headed to the pier.

But before we went to the pier I knew I had to get my sister a dumb postcard. I stopped for the dumb postcard and when I got out the souvenir shop I set my purse on a table outside of this pizza shop next door. Then it hit me. It was the same pizza shop Heidi Klum appeared on the show "I Get That A Lot". It's one of those hidden camera shows that celebrities pretend to be civilians and trick people into thinking she's not Heidi Klum. It's so funny. She is so freakin' cute in this clip!

It is now 6:30 am. I fell asleep for majority of the drive and now I can't fall asleep. The driver is dead asleep and I am here watching episodes on "Lie to Me", painting my nails, and now blogging.  Here's a clip of my color changing polish. Purple to Pink. It may be pointless... but what else am I suppose to do? I think it's pretty awesome for 6:30 in the morning :)

We've got another long drive for tomorrow. Gonna stop at Montage in Portland for Dinner. I'm excited.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hump day.

Before I went to work I stopped by Whole Foods to walk around. I was in a good mood. I think it was because it was sunny out today :)

I was browsing the aisles and found the Pacifica scent that reminds me of Vegas hotels. MmMmm. Smells so good! If you ever come across a Pacifica display smell the Malibu Lemon Blossom.. especially the solid perfume.. smell it. Just do it.

 If calories didn't matter, I'd drink Dry Sodas all day & everyday.

 After work I went to happy hour w/ some friends. This place had the best parmesan truffle fries ever. The pumpkin ale was good, too. Like Christmas in a glass.

 Since it was payday... I did a little nail polish shopping. I spent about $18 :) I don't remember the last time I paid retail for nail polish. Polish always, always goes on sale. The Revlon polish looks ugly in the picture. It's more of a coral tone in real life. The OPI Tiny Takeouts thing was only $6. I think I might save it as a Christmas present to someone.

My sister went to the Urrrsher concert so my cutie-pie-nephew was over. He drew me an awesome picture of a bean stalk and spiderman roaming the city.

  I had my nephew choose my polish and he picked out OPI Ogre-the-top Blue that I put some Wet n' Wild Fireworks over the top half diagonally. I don't have any make up on in this picture because I'm about to knock out. Goodnight.

When my boyfriend and I e-mail back and forth.

My boyfriend and I don't get to see each other as often as we'd like.  Like today he left for California & I'll be flying down on Friday to meet up w/ him. Thank goodness for e-mail. Sometimes we send pictures back and forth.

I'll send him really flattering pictures of myself like this:

Then he'll usually send me a picture of his handsome face right back. 
But sometime last week I got this in my inbox:

Frikkin Hilarious. Totally makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Retro Nail Art.

Last Saturday was a really nasty day out. It was raining like a mofo. I had an hour to kill before I went to go watch my boyfriend and a friend get tattoos. I decided I needed some bright nail art. This is what I ended up doing while watching Cake Boss on Netflix.

 Funky fresh. This makes me want to watch an episode of In Living Color. Please excuse my dry cuticles. It is because of acetone, not because I like crusty cuticles.

Here's the Polishes I used from left to right: Borghese Notte Black, ULTA Blue Streak, OPI In My Back Pocket, Orly Lemonade, China Glaze For Audrey, ULTA Celebutante, & China Glaze White on White.

Here's the things I used. Random nail art brush things and pens.

Of course I can't forget my favorite base & top coats. Actually, I hate OPI topcoat. It gets bubbly too easily for me but it's the only non-quick drying topcoat that I have at the moment. Since your suppose to put Seche Vite on wet polish, I put a coat of OPI topcoat over everythaannggg then put a coat of Seche Vite.

Stinky feet & Nail Polish.

This was the day after my 24th birthday (Halloween). My niece is so weird.


'Spencer's parents go to the grocery store for us once a week, and that's all we get.' -Heidi Montag

I <3 Hollywood Gossip. It's so entertaining. Heidi & Spencer might go bankrupted.

It's about time Heidi & Spencer's 15 minutes are up. I do give them major props though because they were able to irritate & fascinate me at the same time. Usually it's one or the other.

Meet Carlos.

We found him roaming around the neighborhood a few days ago. My boyfriend named him Carlos after the baby from The Hangover. He doesn't have a collar, nor a microchip. No one has responded to the craigslist ad or the note I left at the Veterinary office. He's really cute & he doesn't smell.  Someone has to be missing him. I don't know what's going to happen. We're trying to find a home for him. I want to keep him but I already have a dog that's more than I can handle. My dog is that black blur to the right of Carlos. She's crazy.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Documenting my life as a 24 year old.

I was planning on adding onto an older blog I had but there was just too much stuff on there that I wanted to delete. I noticed that there were parts of my life I don't care to remember and that some posts are kind of embarrassing.

So I'm starting over.

Mainly because I don't want to put up more than what's necessary on facebook anymore. Seriously, I'm sure the person who I use to have a class with 3 years ago and now don't ever talk to in real life doesn't give a flying whatever if I love my boyfriend (I really do), or what color my nail polish is (which is OPI Malaga Wine), or what I am currently eating (potato chips), or if even I'm dying (which I'm not).

I don't really expect many people to read this. If you are reading this, then great. If you have already read this far, that's wonderful. I think my only goal for this blog is to.... I don't know... have a place for me to release my thoughts?

Why is it so common for people to blog, or update their status, or post pictures of real life into this virtual world anyways??

Hmmm. Whatever.