Friday, November 5, 2010

Documenting my life as a 24 year old.

I was planning on adding onto an older blog I had but there was just too much stuff on there that I wanted to delete. I noticed that there were parts of my life I don't care to remember and that some posts are kind of embarrassing.

So I'm starting over.

Mainly because I don't want to put up more than what's necessary on facebook anymore. Seriously, I'm sure the person who I use to have a class with 3 years ago and now don't ever talk to in real life doesn't give a flying whatever if I love my boyfriend (I really do), or what color my nail polish is (which is OPI Malaga Wine), or what I am currently eating (potato chips), or if even I'm dying (which I'm not).

I don't really expect many people to read this. If you are reading this, then great. If you have already read this far, that's wonderful. I think my only goal for this blog is to.... I don't know... have a place for me to release my thoughts?

Why is it so common for people to blog, or update their status, or post pictures of real life into this virtual world anyways??

Hmmm. Whatever.

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