Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This is making me laugh so hard right now!!!!!

I just watched Harry Potter 7.5 with my awesome blossom boyfriend. I was tense the whole movie! It can't wait until Part 2. Some parts I had to insert my own commentary to make more realistic/believable. hehehehe. Nahahaaha. kldsfjsdl.

On to the one of the funniest videos!

It's vaseline! Hahahaha.
I'd be so excited to get something from Tyra...
...but once I realize it's just VASELINE I'd totally be like WTF! 0__o
I don't care if it's encrusted in Swarovski crystals and worth $100.
Puahahah. This makes me laugh like a mad man =D

TRY THIS: I read a comment off the you tube page that said to keep clicking at 1:04 as it plays. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAA! I was dying. kjfklajklfd.. LOL.

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