Friday, November 19, 2010

Sick Day

My sinuses are clogged & painful. My nose is runny. It's hard to breathe through my nose so I breathe through my mouth and that results in making my throat dry and itchy. Cough. cough. Being sick is not fun.

Sidenote: Saying "nose" while sick reminds me of when I took Geometry in 8th Grade. When we were studying nodes it always reminded me of the way a person with a clogged nose said 'nose'. Nose, nodes, nose, nodes. A node is a point. You have a point on your nodes. blah blah blah.

When there's nothing better to do, Youtube always helps out. I love how you can totally find the most entertaining things on that site. I love the food network. I like watching Semi homemade with Sandra Lee. This video is funny. Start at 0:34 if you don't want to waste *too* much of your time =D

But this video is even funnier!

Seriously?! What is that? Hahahah.

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