Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My resolution turned into an obsession.

I was just messing around with nail designs. Would I put these on my real nails? From Left to Right: Yes, yes, hell no, sure, maybe if it were in different colors, maybe, yes, yes, & already have.

My nail polish/nail art obsession didn't really start until a few months ago. Here's how my story goes...

Other than a mini obsession w/ nail polish in elementary school I didn't really care for manicures until my sophomore year in college. I blame my "obsession" on the lack of parking available in the University District.

Here's how it started...
1) I lived next to a pay lot where parking happen to be validated if you go to certain shops.
2) Sometimes I would park in that pay lot without paying b/c you could get away with it from time to time.
3) If I got a ticket I could pay the fine of $11 or get a manicure for $10 w/ free validation for parking.

So, of course, I would get a manicure.. which lead to getting many manicures.

Life went on. blah blah blah.

Then for my 2010 New Years' resolution I told myself I would stop going to the nail salon. It's the only resolution I've ever kept.

I turned to Youtube to learn the basics of painting nails. Then I just kept watching more and more videos. Then I started doing nail art... started stamping.. started reading nail blogs.. sometimes I paint on nail wheels because I don't want to redo my nails.. basically, nails are always on my mind...

That's my nail polish story. The end.

One last thing, I kind of want this. Flats in a wristlet. Perfect for future Vegas trips =D

  I wish there was sometime more exciting to blog about. What a boring week so far. 

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