Sunday, November 14, 2010

Visiting Sunny California :)

Hello Sunshine! I'm loving the 80° weather. I'm pretty sure I was made to live in Socal. The weather, the food, the shopping areas, EVERYTHING. I came down here because New Heights, the band my boyfriend is in, opened up for the David Crowder Band. Don't know who that is? It's ok.. I didn't either until Travis told me who they were. Watch this video. It's one of the most creative & breath-taking videos I've ever seen. It's not computer generated and over 700,000 lite-brite pegs were used.

 I flew in Friday morning & first things first. In n' out. Yummm. Nom nom nom.
Dick's Drive-In > In n' Out.

 Before the show, Travis and I went to Laguna Beach. It was beautiful.

That place was gorgeous. Everyone and their dog was at the beach. We even saw dolphins just off the shore. It was so cool! I've never seen dolphins outside of captivity so that pretty much made me day.

Irvine is a great city. Very clean. The church that the show was held at was HUGE. It reminded me of a community college. multiple buildings, outdoor courtyard, & an amazing sanctuary.  The church was nice but the people were nice. The volunteers were so hospitable. Not like the usual commercialized hospitality you see while traveling. I mean real, genuine hospitality.  I couldn't thank them enough. I wish I had more pictures during the night but I don't =(
Here's the guys sound checking.

Saturday we wake up and eat breakfast/lunch. Chick-fil-A. Yum-o in my tum-o. I haven't had this stuff since last summer in Orlando. I love it how they let you put the sauce you want on your sandwich.

Our destination for the night was Redding, CA. I really wanted to stop by San Francisco but it didn't  fit in our schedule. We stopped by Santa Monica instead. That place was fun. We walked around the Third Street Promenade, hit up some stores, watched street performers, then headed to the pier.

But before we went to the pier I knew I had to get my sister a dumb postcard. I stopped for the dumb postcard and when I got out the souvenir shop I set my purse on a table outside of this pizza shop next door. Then it hit me. It was the same pizza shop Heidi Klum appeared on the show "I Get That A Lot". It's one of those hidden camera shows that celebrities pretend to be civilians and trick people into thinking she's not Heidi Klum. It's so funny. She is so freakin' cute in this clip!

It is now 6:30 am. I fell asleep for majority of the drive and now I can't fall asleep. The driver is dead asleep and I am here watching episodes on "Lie to Me", painting my nails, and now blogging.  Here's a clip of my color changing polish. Purple to Pink. It may be pointless... but what else am I suppose to do? I think it's pretty awesome for 6:30 in the morning :)

We've got another long drive for tomorrow. Gonna stop at Montage in Portland for Dinner. I'm excited.


  1. Omg. Where did you get the polish!?!? SHARE YOUR SECRET CINDY!!!

  2. At Fuego! I've saw them at Claire's last Saturday in Bell Square for BOGO 50% off =) What whaaat!