Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: What's in your glass?

  [Drink of the Moment]

Caffe Vita drip coffee from Gretchen's Place.



Even though my job right now is stable, I've been applying to jobs just to see what else is out there. I'm kind of in a phase in my life where I'm trying to figure out what God's plan for me is. I'm kind of confused as to what direction I need to go in. That's why I've been applying to random positions. I've also gone through the process of applying back to UW to take a class or two to keep myself educationally updated. Holy cow. I forgot has annoying UW policies are. Filling out an application to take a classes is time consuming, financial straining, and mentally exhausting. I just hope I am able to take a class during Spring Quarter.

Other than that, life's good. I'm trying to enjoy it the best I can.



My FedEx package finally arrived! It was filled of makeup brushes. yaaaay. A little bit ago I bought some of those Wet n' Wild eye shadows because Rite Aid was having a good deal going on. I basically bought all of the trio eye shadow palettes. I lacked eye shadow brushes, so I bought some online at E.L.F. I'm sure they aren't the best quality of brushes but they work fine for me. With shipping I paid $25 for all the brushes in the picture plus a little eyebrow palette thing with color & wax.

[Old Pictures]

I was playing around with my dad's DSLR and took some shots of a couple baby photos. This is me. I'm pretty sure this was taken at the playground at Coulon Park, in Renton.

This picture was taken outside of our old house in Tukwila. My haircut confused people. They didn't know if I was a girl or boy. What the heck, RIGHT?! I remember in pre-school how my teacher had to clarify that I was a girl when introducing me to other students. O_o


This is probably why I can't lose weight. UGH. I ate I big scoop for breakfast. I don't even use a bowl. I just find a big serving spoon, take a decent amount of the frozen confection, and eat it in the same manner as I would an ice cream cone. I can't be the only person in the world who does this. It's sooo good!



I'm going to call this a bacteria mani. It's so gross. It looks like colonies of growing bacteria. It's nasty. Reminds me of the times I spent in microbiology lab. This mani didn't last long on my nails. I put it on last night and took it off this morning. I couldn't look at it any longer.

My current mani. 3 of 31 days of a nail art challenge. Galaxy nails! OOoOoh. ahhhh!

You should see the other girls nails art. They are great!


 [Have a nice day.]

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