Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Presidents' Day Weekend.

Over the weekend the band Travis is in, New Heights, had a show over the weekend with his friends Clara and her manager, Jon. So we spent most of the weekend eating food with friends.

 Friday: Trav and I ate at Sushiland while waiting for them to arrive in Seattle. After that we went to Ivar's on the Pier for HH while waiting for dinner at the Crabpot. Travis & I stopped by Kerry Park to look at the moon. It was such a clear bright night. So beautiful. The picture a few posts back was from that night :)

Saturday: I rode up the Light Rail to downtown Seattle to meet up with Travis and everyone. While waiting I was able to snap pictures of some things I thought were pretty.

 This was a wine bar to the left of the Chocolate Box.

 Pike Place :)

 I think I took this picture on the corner of 2nd and Stewart.

 Yay. Travis finally picked me up. It may have been sunny but it was so cold!

 In between sound check and the actual show, Travis had to lead worship at his church in Redmond. We had to hurry back. We got there just in time before the first band was up.

This is one of my favorite song that's coming up on their next album. I love this song. I'm not even being that bias. Travis can even tell you that I'm not even the biggest fan of his music. Ha ha. Seriously. Don't get me wrong though. They are a very talented bunch! It's just not really my type on music.

I didn't record Clara but she did an amazing job :) Here's one of her fun songs.

Afterward we all ended up eating at Via Tribunali in Fremont! Yummmmm. Their Pizza is sooooo good. Piazza Dante is my favorite one. It has prosciutto and arugula among other toppings. It is so tasty.

Sunday: I drove up to Gasworks to meet up with Travis. I had time to sit and finally read the e-book Travis bought me :) He gifted me Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. It's a funny book. I like it so far. Sedaris is a fun, witty, and charismatic writer. I like that.
 When Travis met me at the park we decided to people watch for a few minutes. There was a father and son duo. The son was maybe 2 or 3 years old. The dad kept blowing up balloons (the longer shaped ones that circus clowns use to make animals) and he would either let it go then his son would chase after it OR the dad would tie off the end of the balloon and let his son pop it by jumping on it. It was so adorable to watch and his little laugh was sweet. 

Afterward went to go meet up with everyone at Stumptown for coffee and then went to get Old School Frozen Custard. We said our goodbyes and them Travis & I headed to Kona Kitchen for Loco Moco & Kaula Pork and Cabbage. Later that night Travis and I watched Just Go With It. It was.. ok.

Monday: Holiday = No work. I really didn't do much. I went over to Travis' house. He was busy for a good 5-6 hours recording music with people so I ended up reading some more. Then I ended up falling asleep somehow.

Then when I woke up. Trav's session was over and we ate Tinola then went to Target to window shop. Isn't that artwork clever?!

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